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YouTube’s Creator Studio Gets Facelift Creator Studio will undergo changes and site will get new features

If you’ve uploaded a video on YouTube recently, chances are you’ve seen YouTube’s channel management system, Creator Studio. Capping off VidCon last month, YouTube made a couple of announcements on its blog revealing a facelift for Creative Studio, remaking the current system and changing the name to just “YouTube Studio.”

In addition to the Creator Studio changes, YouTube has also revealed that there will be a new system for comments on videos, new markets for YouTube TV, VR formats for videos, additions to the YouTube dashboard, and much more.

Some of the most interesting updates will be in Comments, allowing users to sort comments by popular topics instead of scrolling through the multitude of random or irrelevant comments, and helping users find the ones that they want to see. This function is open to anyone who has a channel and can be disabled or enabled at any time.


Another change you’ll most likely notice is a “smart inbox” addition to YouTube’s current dashboard. This feature will be useful for “engaging with fans, collaborating with creators, and more.” This is the only specifically mentioned new feature that will be added and no current features will be removed according to the post.

We’re looking forward to all the new changes YouTube will undergo in the near future and finding new ways for content creators to take advantage of these tools.


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