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WebFonts Working Group Announces WOFF 2.0 WOFF 2.0 will now let you convert and design fonts, supported by most modern browsers

WebFonts Working group recently published WOFF 2.0 File format as a W3C recommendation, according to Design Modo. For those who donโ€™t know what WOFF is, it stands for Web Open Font Format, which is an open source option that is used to display fonts on the web. With this, creatives will be able to convert fonts, design fonts, save and convert those designs to WOFF and use HTML, CSS and SVG to tell the web browser which font to download and use.

WOFF contains TrueType and OpenType which has variable fonts, chromatic fonts, and font collections that are compressed, which makes it easier to be embedded in a website.

One of the biggest advantages to WOFF 2.0 is its improved compression and decompression, compared to WOFF 1.0. Plus, it has added content-aware processing step, as well as improved entropy coding. It’s now in an easily accessible-friendly format, so it plays well with assistive technologies and it also supports characters from different languages. Since WOFF fonts are compressed, web pages load them faster than other formats. And, any font can be converted to WOFF if the font licensee allows it.

WOFF is supported by most modern web browsers; however, only the latest Mac OS (High Sierra) supports it by it.

Rikki Yanez

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