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I Did It My Way: Behind the Scenes of Tony Mui’s YouTube Channel From hiding in the office to running the show at Complex, check out how Tony Mui took his love for entertaining to the next level

I Did It My Way: Behind the Scenes of Tony Mui's YouTube Channel
I Did It My Way: Behind the Scenes of Tony Mui's YouTube Channel

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coiski: What’s the end goal for your channel? Is there a benchmark you’re looking to reach?

Mui: For the personal channel I just wanted to entertain, I just wanted to build a bigger following so I could do it full time. As far as Complex it really just happened organically. I just happened to have a camera in the office and I just took it out and started filming short clips with my co-worker. I had all these clips at the end of the day, and I knew how to piece together vlogs from my old job so it was all a matter of deciding do I edit it tonight and post it the next day, or do I save it for a couple days then edit and drop it and have all that content not be relevant anymore? So I decided hey this is fresh content might as well put it out there. Mind you, I didn’t have any permission to film at work I just went for it, chopped it up together posted the next day and then some of my co-workers saw it and thought it was really dope. They always wanted to do it, they just couldn’t find a person that could do everything.

coiski: Where and how would you say your best ideas come about? Is there a method to the madness so to speak?

Mui: I feel like I adapt as I go, most of the time I’ll see something and try to think of funny ways to incorporate it. Obviously it’s a combination of both, sometimes I’ll know certain things in advance and write them down on a whiteboard and brainstorm. Most of the time it’s on the go, because I never know who’s showing up to the office. Sometimes celebrities will just show up and I’ll have like half an hour to think of a question to ask them, or an activity to do with them so most of it is like thank god I took improv classes.

coiski: If budget and accessibility was no barrier, what would be the one video or piece of content you would like to do but haven’t yet?

Mui: If it was up to me and there was no legal issues I would go on an adventure and travel across the country with some of my favorite co-workers. Just document that trip, from the New York office to the LA office and take a road trip.

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coiski: What has been the best moment you’ve experienced so far while making videos?

Mui: I would say just meeting all these people that I looked up to and never thought that in my wildest dreams I would meet. From celebrities, to YouTubers, to corporate people. Looking back a couple years before this I was at an insurance company just a young buck not knowing what I was going to do with my life, and now I’m here and have met a ton of people who have CRAZY influence on the world.

I Did It My Way: Behind the Scenes of Tony Mui's YouTube Channel

coiski: If you could give anyone reading this just one piece of advice when embarking on creating something what would it be (a brand, a business, an idea, or a piece of art)? 

Mui: I would say do some research first always try to know everything before you get into it, but once you do that research just go for it. If you’re passionate about it and do the research go for it. If it doesn’t work out then you just do more research on something that you’re passionate about and go for that. There is LITERALLY no reason why you shouldn’t go for what you want, that is all.


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