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I Did It My Way: Behind the Scenes of Tony Mui’s YouTube Channel From hiding in the office to running the show at Complex, check out how Tony Mui took his love for entertaining to the next level

I Did It My Way: Behind the Scenes of Tony Mui's YouTube Channel

For the latest installment of our “I Did It My Way” series, we talked with a self proclaimed class clown that took his love of entertaining and made it a full time career.

Tony Mui, the man behind Complex’s Life at Complex web series, went from a desk job in corporate America to being the point man for one of the best daily vlogs on YouTube at Complex. We sat down with Mui to discuss the catalyst for starting his own YouTube channel, his biggest obstacles he has had to overcome and much more.

I Did It My Way Appetizer

Name: Tony Mui
My YouTube Page is about: Personal Vlogs, Daily Life at Complex
My YouTube Channel is: Tony Mui and Complex
Social Media Handles: Twitter: @MrTonyMui | IG: @mrtonymui

I Did It My Way Entrée

coiski: Is there one moment or person that was the catalyst for you starting your YouTube channel?

Tony Mui: Well, I always wanted to entertain people. It started off in High School I was always the class clown. Then my dad brought me a camcorder, and I was the only one in school with a camcorder. So I was just messing around with the camcorder, I recorded a couple lip synch videos and was just playing them for my classmates. I found joy in entertaining people and I didn’t really get into video making until college, living in the dorm room you know you’re up to no good and just want to make silly stuff. So I guess the catalyst was just trying to entertain people.

coiski: What is your biggest and/or most successful YouTube video to date?

Mui: The “Hustle for your Jordan 11’s” that video really got me into telling stories and piecing together things and have a theme and point behind the videos.

coiski: What has been the biggest obstacle you’ve had to overcome, creatively, with your YouTube page?

Mui: I would say for my personal channel originality, just trying to keep it fresh. Especially when I was doing the daily vlogs at the other office, I couldn’t let any of my other coworkers know that I was filming or else I would get fired on the spot. It really pushed me to the limit creatively. As far as vlogging for Complex I would say the most difficult challenges is originality as well, along with certain legal issues. Now I’m vlogging for a company which now everyone is trying to sue you for money.

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I Did It My Way: Behind the Scenes of Tony Mui's YouTube Channel

coiski: Is it tough to diversify your content all the while remaining engaged with your target audience?

 Tony: The Complex audience is definitely younger, so I have to cater to them, as far as my personal channel I can do whatever I want and I know that these people followed me from the ground up and are very loyal. As far as the Complex audience, they probably don’t know who I am, so I have to earn and build their trust so I really have to cater them even more. For the most part I try to be true to myself and honest with them. I feel like if I came off fake and hid information from them they wouldn’t trust me at all and tune in daily.

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