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I Did It My Way: Behind the Scenes of TBlake’s YouTube Channel Tyler Blake gives us the low down on his YouTube presence

I Did It My Way: Behind the Scenes of TBlake's YouTube Channel
I Did It My Way: Behind the Scenes of TBlake's YouTube Channel

For the second installment of our I Did It My Way series, we catch up with Tyler Blake, or as most of you may know him, “TBlake.” Tyler has been doing sneaker/product reviews, along with in-depth business talks and the occasional vlog on YouTube for quite sometime now. With over 22 million views and a social media following that is always tuned in to his sites and, it is safe to say that Tyler has used YouTube to help launch himself into the right place, or what he would like to call, “the best of both worlds.” Check out more from Tyler below, as he sheds light on the struggles of juggling YouTube with his other projects, and what happened to the last video from his trip to Vancouver.

I Did It My Way Appetizer

Name: Tyler Blake
My YouTube Page is about: Sneaker Reviews/Product Reviews
My YouTube Channel is: T Blake
Social Media Handles: Twitter: @therealtblake | Instagram: @tylerjblake

I Did It My Way Entrée

coiski: Is there one moment or person that was the catalyst for you starting your YouTube channel?

Tyler Blake: As far as YouTube goes, the catalyst would have been a close friend in high school who had a sneaker collection back when it was a novelty. I think he had 150 pairs of all different brands – Bapestas and everything else. He was actually making YouTube videos, and the excitement he had around it and the storytelling aspect of it got me really excited for it.  He actually let me do a guest review on his channel, so I had like a way of gushing how I would be received. It was received well and from there, I had the confidence to go and do my own thing.

 coiski: What is your biggest and/or most successful YouTube video to date?
Blake: Technically by views, it would be my Yeezy Boost 350 review or the video with my mom where she guessed and arranged sneakers by pricing.  I also did a Supreme Brick drop test, and that went over really well.  That was probably my most fun video that was received well.

coiski: At what point during the management of your YouTube page did you say to yourself, “I made it; this can be a full-time thing?” 

Blake: It’s funny because I don’t really – and never really – went into YouTube as a source of income. And being very frank, I think the best month I’ve ever done is $1200.00 in the month, which would be holiday time when ad runs are up. We would be having a different conversation if I was making, you know, $10k-$12k a month from it and was solely able to do YouTube, but that’s not the case for me.  The “I made it” moment for me was hitting a milestone of 100,000 subscribers. I always thought it would be cool to get that plaque. That was cool, but I really don’t hold YouTube in that light. I much prefer to use YouTube as a way to continue to connect with people, like how we are having this conversation today, which is a result of my YouTube channel. These are the moments that I hold most highly.
I Did It My Way: Behind the Scenes of TBlake's YouTube Channel

coiski: What has been the biggest obstacle you’ve had to overcome, creatively, with your YouTube page?

Blake: The toughest thing for me is time. I do 70-hour weeks between the projects I have going on, but the next biggest hurdle is, at a certain point, I’m not going to continue buying sneakers and I’m not trying to rely on brands to send me everything for my content. So then, it becomes, ‘How can I make content that’s interesting and engaging that may not even necessarily need a new purchase to make the content?’ I try to find opportunities where I’m borrowing the product, or I’m revisiting something from a while ago, or I’m buying something at a super-steal price and then offering it back at the same price.  So that’s a way I don’t have to spend money out of pocket.
I Did It My Way: Behind the Scenes of TBlake's YouTube Channel

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