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I Did It My Way: Behind the Scenes of Mr. Foamer Simpson’s YouTube Channel Mr. Foamer Simpson talks the benefits and struggles of creating a successful channel

I Did It My Way: Behind the Scenes of Mr. Foamer Simpson's YouTube Channel
I Did It My Way: Behind the Scenes of Mr. Foamer Simpson's YouTube Channel

Here at coiski, we’re rolling out a new series entitled I Did It My Way, which gets up, close and personal with content creators who have gained traction and made an impact in the YouTube space. With I Did It My Way, our goal is to highlight content-creating YouTubers that have amassed nice-sized followings who, they themselves, serve as the content in which they provide on YouTube.

For our first installment, we caught up with Mr. Foamer Simpson. Along with his brother, Young Buckets, Foamer has been creating content in the sneaker, lifestyle, and vlog space for quite some time, giving people everything from in-depth performance reviews of the newest basketball sneakers to food hacks and everything in between. Their channel is consistently delivering quality content.

Foamer sheds light on the early days of YouTube, how him and his brother got started and a possible Unlce Foamie video in the future.

I Did It My Way Appetizer

Name: Mr. Foamer Simpson & Young Buckets
My YouTube Page is about: Sneaker reviews, Daily vlog.
My YouTube Channel is: Mr. Foamer Simpson
Social Media Handles: @mrfoamersimpson, @young_buckets

I Did It My Way Entrée

coiski: Is there one moment or person that was the catalyst for you starting your YouTube channel?

Foamer Simpson: I would say my brother because we started it together, and it was something we came up with together. We were teammates on the basketball court and still teammates now. So, I’d have to say my brother.

coiski: What is your biggest and/or most successful YouTube video to date?

Simpson: View-wise, it has to be a performance sneaker review or something. For us though, it would have to the be ‘Dare to Air’ video with Finish Line and Nike – it has over 100,000 views. That isn’t anything too crazy in the big scheme of things, YouTube-wise, but for us it was something unique because it was our spin on the Air Max and we got to weave it together with New York City where we’re from. The whole project was cool.

coiski: At what point during the management of your YouTube page did you say to yourself, “I made it; this can be a full-time thing?” 

Simpson: I think it was right around that time, a couple years ago. When we first started the YouTube thing, there was no money in it. We didn’t even monetize the channel for six months to a year in maybe. I was like, ‘No, I don’t want to monetize and then I can’t use a Jay-Z song or a Biggie song for my videos.’ Then a couple years ago, more brands started reaching out – not just to seed product – but more brands started reaching out to pay us; basically to collaborate and create video content. When we did the ‘Dare to Air’ video and some bigger projects like that, I think other brands take notice. It kind of snowballed a bit, and we were able to build some momentum. We’ve been building and growing ever since to the point, now, we’re able to make a living off of it.

coiski: What has been the biggest obstacle you’ve had to overcome, creatively, with your YouTube page?

Simpson: Probably they box that is ‘sneakers’ and the even smaller box that is sneaker YouTube. I mean, how many different ways can you review a sneaker? How many different ways can you say the same thing? When we first started, I don’t know how many sneaker YouTube channels there were, but there was definitely a good amount of them. Now, it’s like 10 times that. The redundancy is almost hard to escape. But of course, there is a lack of originality, and YouTube kind of rewards volume and quantity, and the viewers want quantity. They want a video every single day, so that is the biggest obstacle – just having to get out a lot of content but keeping it original, keeping it good and keeping it fresh for lack of a better word. I don’t think anybody hits it out of the park every day on every video, but we do our best to keep it dope.

I Did It My Way: Behind the Scenes of Mr. Foamer Simpson's YouTube Channel

coiski: Is it tough to diversify your content all the while remaining engaged with your target audience?

Simpson: It is a little bit if I’m being honest; it’s tough because you might do a video that’s not really product driven or not really sneaker driven and say, for example, it gets 10,000 views; but if you show a new Jordan retro – or whatever the hot sneaker is at the time – maybe you get 100,000. My brother and I have a second YouTube channel, and we merged the two (the other channel Banana Stew Productions). It was nothing sneaker related; it was Chipotle hacks, a Five Guys hack, and how to grow a beard; just lifestyle stuff like that. In hindsight, I wish in the very beginning we would have uploaded them on the Foamer Simpson channel, but we didn’t so now that’s what we’re doing. We did a Girl Scout Cookie cereal taste test; even just yesterday, the video we posted was us hooping at the USA 3-on-3 Nationals at the Olympic facility. But as I talk to you now, I think the video has under 15,000 views, whereas if that was a sneaker pickup, it would probably have close to double that. It is tough, but we do want to do more and I am over just the straight review, after review, after review videos. We understand we’ll have to build it; we don’t want to completely turn our backs on the audience we’ve built because that would be kind of a whack move. We want to continue to make them happy while diversifying the channel and bringing in a new audience as well.

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