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The Votes Are In for Instagram’s Newest Feature Instagram's update to Stories gives users an exciting way to interact with friends and followers

Which ice cream flavor is best? Who’s going to win the NFL game this weekend? Are you watching Jimmy Fallon tonight? Instagram’s newest Stories feature, interactive poll stickers, will now give you the answers to all of those burning questions, and anything else you might want to ask your fans and followers.

The photo sharing app recently rolled out the voting feature on Stories, which will now bring greater interactivity and engagement between users and the accounts they follow.

Polls can now be added to photos and videos, allowing viewers to vote within your story. The two-option poll gives you the ability to get direct feedback from your audience, plus the poll questions and answer choices are customizable. The new feature can be found by selecting the stickers icon in the upper right corner of the screen and dragging it to a desired position.

Swiping up on the viewers list allows users to view the current poll and preview which way votes are leaning. Instagram even lets users dig deeper and see how many votes each option received and who voted for what. The results are updated in real time, an awesome perk for those who check their Stories views regularly. The poll will also disappear along with the current story within 24 hours like a normal story post.

Not only does the new update add polling to stories, it also adds a color picker that can be used on photos. This allows for customizable text and brush colors when editing visual content. For iOS users, the update includes a new alignment tool to help you center your photos perfectly. The tool automatically appears when text or stickers are added to a photo.

 Now, it’s time for your vote. Do you like the new feature or not? Let us know in the comments below!

Hunter Tigert

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