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Vimeo Engages Users with New Interaction Tools Learn three ways content creators can start engaging their audiences on Vimeo

Vimeo is sprucing up its features to help you connect with viewers more effectively and efficiently. The recent update will allow content creators to reach more people and grow their brand. Check out Vimeo’s three new features below, and learn how they could be helpful for you.

1. Custom end screens

This tool is available for Vimeo Plus, Pro, and Business members only. It allows you the freedom of customizing a call-to-action on the screen. This tool can be really helpful for linking to a product or service that you are promoting. It might also be a good feature for adding a subscribe button for your video channel.

2. Mobile-friendly cards

These visual “cards” can now be shown at any point during your video. They allow you to add context to a part of the video or adding a link for viewers to find a product you’re featuring. Cards can be custom made, so they won’t be distracting to the viewer and can match your brand’s look and feel.

3. Email capture forms

Vimeo’s new forms feature allow you to capture a user’s email at any point of the video. This will help keep your audience updated and connected even after they’ve consumed your content. Viewers will also have an option to opt out.

To learn more about these features, along with step-by-step instructions, visit the Vimeo website.

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