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Twitter Launches Fresh New iOS App Redesign Twitter's biggest redesign in years brings us rounded profile pictures and a new navigation bar.

No, there still isn’t an edit button. It’s not happening. Stop asking.

However, Twitter has made major strides recently in establishing itself as the go-to social media platform for what’s happening.

With those strides, many changes have occurred such as the increased efforts with live video, changing the ways @names are displayed in tweets, and focusing more on overall safety for users. Now, Twitter has launched another change. This time to their design.


Immediately, you will notice that user’s profile photos are now round instead of square and the reply button is now a chat icon instead of an arrow. The typography will be more consistent and headlines will be bolder. All of these design changes will be featured on the iOS app,, Twitter Lite, Tweetdeck, and the Android app.

But the biggest change to the design of the iOS app is the navigation bar with the removal of the Me tab. Now, there will only be four tabs, instead of five, which include the Home tab, Explore tab, Notifications Tab, and the Direct Messages tab. A simple swipe right will access your profile, lists, settings, Moments, and other accounts. You can also access your profile by clicking on your profile photo on your Home page. If you have an Android, you are already familiar with this style, as you experienced this design change last year.

Along with the redesign, Twitter has changed how links work within the iOS app. Up until now, outside links would appear in Twitter’s own in-app browser. Now, links will launch in Safari’s in-app browser which makes it easier for people to sign into accounts on other websites directly from Twitter links. For example, if you have an ESPN Insider subscription you can now easily access that account when clicking on links to You will also have the option to use Safari Reader and go into private browsing mode.

Lastly, tweets on both the iOS and Android Twitter apps will update in real-time so no more refreshing to keep track of replies and retweets as they happen. However, this change will only be featured on TweetDeck and the mobile apps.

No edit tweet button, but stay tuned for more design updates to Twitter as the feedback starts to roll in.

Dezmond Moore

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