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Turn Up the Heat: Forgotten GoPro gets Up Close and Personal with Molten Lava Lava Flow vs GoPro

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Looking for a camera that can take a beating from the elements? Look no further.

GoPro is renowned for being an action camera that captures footage with a unique perspective. The camera has been praised for its high quality video and portability, but its resiliency was put to the test when Hawaii volcano guide Erik Storm placed his GoPro into a crevice near an active lava flow.

Storm was showing tourists a volcano site when he placed his GoPro into a crevice to capture the movement of the lava. After placing the camera into position, Storm continued his conversation with the tourists but forgot about the GoPro in the crevice. The lava then passively flowed into the crevice until Storm’s GoPro found itself lens-to-face with 1,100+ degrees (Fahrenheit) of molten rock that eventually engulfed and ignited the camera into flames.

After Storm allowed the molten mass cool, he found his GoPro surprisingly still functional. The camera’s SD card was still intact and captured its interview with the sweltering lava.

Does this chance encounter change or reaffirm your opinion on the durability and reliability of GoPro cameras? Let us know in the comments below!

Hunter Tigert

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