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Our Top Social Media Tools for Content Creators 10 of the easiest and best content creation tools out there!

Everyone wants to have great social media content, but sometimes great content takes a great deal of time to make it happen. Lucky for all you content creators out there, we’ve narrowed down a list of social media tools that can help you create stunning content in minutes. Don’t worry; you don’t have to be a pro to use these tools, and most of them won’t break the bank!

Here are 10 social media tools for quick and easy content creation:

1. Lumen5 – Turn your blog posts into videos!

Price: Free or $49 per month

What’s it do? Lumen5 analyzes the content of your blog post and can automatically create a video storyboard for you. The program can even recommend relevant images and videos that can be easily dragged and dropped into respective frames.

It’s great for: Video content

Difficulty level: Almost effortless. Lumen5 does all the work for you!

Sydney Rodriguez

Texas State University Junior double majoring in Public Relations and Psychology, with minors in Mass Communications and Psychology. Adrenaline junkie, coffee addict, make up enthusiast.

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