Top 4 Resources to Get More Data About Your Followers and Fans Even a little know-how in social media data mining will take you far in the digital media career field

4. Tableau

Tableau is another resource for gathering and analyzing data. With this tool, users can easily find trends or outliers (data that doesn’t show any relation with the other data) in their social media or web data. Tableau makes it easy to find trends by dragging and dropping information throughout the interface. This data gathering resource will also let you combine multiple interpretations of your data, which will give you lots of visualization options. Once you complete a report, you have the option to publish it online, which can also be viewed on mobile. Especially useful for startups, Tableau offers many ways to analyze data and see the most effective ways to engage (or not) with their audiences.

Understanding how to track, measure and adapt to your audience is invaluable for growth and your company’s overall effectiveness. And having a working knowledge on data analytics will not only set someone apart in the competitive job market, but it’s also a major asset to the success of your business. With all the data measuring tools at your disposal, especially for social media, it’s easy to get started right away.

Rikki Yanez

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