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Top 4 Resources to Get More Data About Your Followers and Fans Even a little know-how in social media data mining will take you far in the digital media career field

Finding a career in the media industry today requires professionals to have a wide range of skills. And one of the most needed skills is an understanding of how to collect and interpret big data. If you look on LinkedIn, for example, most digital jobs prefer some knowledge of data management. Also known as “data mining,” this skill allows brands and businesses to take information from their targeted consumers to find and connect patterns. They can use those patterns to show how today’s digital audience relates to one another.

Social media data mining not only increases your chances of getting the career you want, but it can also benefit businesses by letting them know more about their consumer’s demographics, age, and what their interest are. So, how can you start data mining today? Check out our top 4 resources below to begin analyzing and collecting your own data:

1. Facebook Insights:

Let’s say a business is wanting to improve its brand and reach a greater audience. One way to discover which content pieces your fans and followers are already engaging in is through Facebook Insights. This tool allows any Page owner to view peak times to post, which post get the most likes, and which ones don’t do so well. It’s also able to show you that information over the course of time. By examining this data and creating an analytics report, you will able find areas of improvement and come up with creative ways to target more people, as well as keeping loyal consumers/viewers.

Rikki Yanez

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