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Teens Across Twitter Post Insipring Photos of their Acceptance Letters Students are sharing their inspiring photos and stories on social media

With all the application requirements, scholarship paperwork, and a healthy dose of senioritis, applying to college can be tough for many teens. But those long hours of hard work pay off the minute that they get that all-important acceptance letter, and it’s no surprise many of them share that special moment on social media

Just recently teens all over Twitter began sharing their creative and inspiring photoshoots with their college acceptance letters. The teens’ stories are reeling in massive audiences, with many of the tweets going viral. This same trend happened last year, with seniors posting family reaction videos.

Most of these future college students’ stories include first generation college students, children of immigrants, getting full rides with scholarships, and being accepted to prestigious colleges. The photoshoots vary from them repping the school colors, in school t-shirts, holding the schools’ banner, or photos of them on campus.

Some colleges have even reached out to the students giving them some advice as to why they should pick their college to attend. With all the positive feedback on social media, hopefully these post can inspire many more to share their photos and stories.

Rikki Yanez

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