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Student Takes Christmas Tree Twitter Challenge and Regrets it Immediately It's the most wonderful time of the year (for a Twitter challenge)

While most college students are preparing for final exams, 20 year old University of Alabama student, Kelsey Hall started a Twitter challenge for herself. Kelsey tweeted a photo of herself in Christmas tree costume last Saturday. She captioned the photo, “1,000 retweets and I’ll wear this to all my classes for the rest of the semester.”

Little did she know the tweet would go viral, and soon a couple retweets became hundreds. Hall started seeing the number of retweets rise and she began to regret her tweet…

but she was true to her word!

The tweet brought people back on Twitter and even got the official Twitter page to make an appearance!

People got really into it, and soon everyone on Twitter was asking others to jump in and retweet the post.

The tweet got over 33,000 retweets since it was posted 9 days ago.

Kelsey has finished the semester and completed the challenge as of last Friday, and we’re pretty sure she’s glad about it too.

Sydney Rodriguez

Texas State University Junior double majoring in Public Relations and Psychology, with minors in Mass Communications and Psychology. Adrenaline junkie, coffee addict, make up enthusiast.

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