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Steph Curry’s New Brita Ad Leaves Twitter Speechless The NBA superstar continues his splash with new partnership with Brita

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Two-time league MVP and NBA champion Stephen Curry recently teamed with comedian Rudy Mancuso with one of the most interesting commercials of the new year. Just a disclaimer though: you should listen to this ad with sound.

The ad is centered around a cleaner, healthier lifestyle in 2018. Curry is portrayed as a coach, guiding his student to better eating habits, exercise, and of course, drinking a lot of Brita purified water.

Brita also conveys an environmental theme in its commercial, showing how drinking filtered water can save plastic bottles from being used. The trap instrumental with the horrific rapping in the background is the finishing touch on a hilarious commercial trying to express a nice message.

Twitter users seem to be a bit confused about the commercial. Let’s be realistic here: the trap music and awkward dancing from Steph are enough for anyone to feel a little uncomfortable. Most fans aren’t used to seeing their favorite athletes in such a light and comedic manner.

Some Twitter users weren’t so ecstatic about the commercial, using it as a platform to potentially predict the outcome of the 2017-2018 NBA Finals coming in June.

If this is what 2018 has to offer along with some great basketball, keep the commercials coming, Steph. Warriors in 6?

Exsar Arguello

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