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A Startup that Became Known on Snapchat is Moving to Instagram with DJ Khaled Naritiv believes Instagram will grow their audience faster than Snapchat

New Instagram update enhances storytelling abilities

Naritiv became one of the first companies to connect content marketers to influencers in the early days of Snapchat. The company was known as a digital marketing company, but now it’s looking to be a digital content creator with their new music focused lifestyle brand WeBuyGold.

Daniel Altmann, Naritiv CEO, made the decision to make the switch to Instagram after its Stories feature became more popular, reaching 200 million users daily. Instagram’s superior analytics options were also a draw, as the need for hard data becomes increasingly important for media and content companies. DJ KHALED has become the creative director for WeBuyGold and is expected to make projects soon.

The main focus of WeBuyGold is to create original stories for a curious audience in new ways. The brand has 14.2 thousand followers so far,and has an engaging audience. Their post are interactive with their audience and also have original content they have created.

The investors for WeBuyGold include Third Wave Digital, Disney, Techstars, and Greylock Partners. In a world where everyone seems to be glued to their mobile device, and no one wants to waste time, WeBuyGold may be the next big brand.

Source: Business Insider

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