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Stabilize Your Smartphone on the Cheap with the Osmo Mobile DJI releases smartphone stabilizer with new features at more than half the price

Drone manufacturer DJI has released a new rendition of its smartphone stabilizer, the Osmo Mobile. And with new updates and even better stabilization than past models, one of the most notable changes is the price point at only $129.

The Osmo Mobile 2 is made of “high performance nylon” instead of a mixture of nylon and magnesium alloy. This Nylon helps make DJI’s newest product slightly lighter than before. Buttons also got an update as they got an improved design, and an inside battery has been put into effect, bringing the battery life from 3.5 hours, up to a surprising 15 hours.

The original price of the device was $299, but with the newest model in place, consumers will get a huge price cut of over $170, which is more than half the price of the original.

This newest version can also shoot in portrait. Though the original model was capable of shooting in portrait, users had to awkwardly hold the stabilizer sideways.

Consumers who wish to buy this new stabilizer can look forward to January 23rd as pre-orders open exclusively through Apple. A speculated release date is planned for sometime in February. DJI says the stabilizer should support most popular phones, so devices as large and heavy as a Plus-sized iPhone or Android phone should be fine.

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