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Snapchat’s Latest Tools Snapchat is becoming more of a one-stop shop for all your photo/video needs

Snapchat's Latest Tools

Snapchat’s short videos and photos are becoming customizable due to new tools added, including looping videos, limitless photos, a magic eraser feature and drawing with emojis.

The looping video feature is similar to Instagram’s Boomerang. This feature allows you to send a photo for an unlimited time as long as the receiver keeps it open. Another similar new feature is the limitless photo, which also allows you to send a photo via snap and have the receiver keep it open as long as they want by not closing it.

The other two main features let you edit your pictures. It is great to be able to easily access the magic eraser instead of having to go to Photoshop and edit out what you don’t want in the pictures. It is similar to Photoshop’s “content aware” feature, and it will detect and fill in what should be behind the part of the photo you erased. You can also use emojis as a pen.

These new updates help Snapchat stay up to date with apps like Facebook and Instagram, which are all becoming similar.

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Source: Tech Crunch

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