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Snapchat Adds Mentions and Group Video Chats This new update took a few hints from Instagram and other apps

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It’s time for another Snapchat update, and these new features might actually make its users happy. After the last design snafu caused many users to abandon the app, this one is aimed at greater engagement.

The first feature that comes with this update is the integration of “mentions”. Just like Instagram or Twitter, users can now tag friends or other accounts on their “Stories”. To tag someone, simply just type the “@” sign and the account name of a friend, and it will pop up. Once tagged, users will be notified in the chat window as soon as the update gets posted. Viewers of these Stories will be able to tap on the usernames and add them as a friend, as well as watch any public stories you have posted. It is expected that celebrities and others will use this as a tool to help promote their personal brands.

But that’s not all. Snapchat is also coming out with a more unique update as well. Now, users will be able to group video calling up to 16 snap-chatters whenever they please, while up to 32 users can get in on a group voice call. The social media empire has noted the success of 1-on-1 voice and video calls since its initial launch back in 2016, so Snapchat seems confident that this update will help improve the app.

To access the group video call feature, just enter any group chat you are already in, and tap the video icon towards the middle of the screen. It’s pretty much the same process as entering a 1-on-1 video chat, so users will be able to figure this out quickly. Members of the group will be notified that someone is in the video chat, and will be asked to join if they so please.

Are you excited for Snapchat’s newest update? How will you use these new features, and how often? Let us know in the comments below what you think!

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