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SLAM Magazine’s Editor-In-Chief Shares Funny Stories of How Various Cover Issues Were Created SLAM's Adam Figman talks working with Drake, Karl Anthony-Towns, Amar'e Stoudemire, more

SLAM Magazine Adam Figman

Hennessey VSOP and Sliced-Up Lemons for Drake and the Toronto Raptors

SLAM Magazine's Editor-In-Chief Shares Funny Stories of How Various Cover Issues Were Created

The Raptors/Drake cover was kind of a “thing.” We began the process by going through the Raptors organization who got us in touch with Drake’s people.

Now dealing with an NBA player and his agent is one thing, but when you throw in arguably the biggest superstar on the planet, musically, it becomes another thing. There was a few times during the scheduling process when Drake’s people were like, ‘We can’t do that day or that time,’ and I thought it wasn’t going to get done because these NBA players don’t have lot of time on their hands either. But the Raptors really wanted to do it, so they made themselves available for pretty much any time.

I was really surprised that Drake was so happy to be a part of it. He wasn’t being cocky or anything. He really saw it as an honor to be on a SLAM cover. He did have a celebrity rider, however, but it wasn’t anything too crazy. I just had to go shopping in Toronto to get a bunch of drinks, one being his request of Hennessy VSOP. I think that was the first time Hennessy was a part of a SLAM shoot, honestly. My job is to write a cover story, but it’s really A-Z, you know? Even with the Karl Towns thing; I have to take care of all the details on shoot days. Another cool thing that happened after the shoot is Drake, Kyle Lowry and DeMar DeRozan bet $1K on who could make the first over-head, half-court shot while sitting down. Drake won, and shortly after, Kyle Lowry and DeMar DeRozan’s wives were giving them sh*t for losing to Drake.Β – Adam Figman, Editor-In-Chief of SLAM MAGAZINE

SLAM Magazine's Editor-In-Chief Shares Funny Stories of How Various Cover Issues Were CreatedGeorge Kiel

George Kiel

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