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SLAM Magazine’s Editor-In-Chief Shares Funny Stories of How Various Cover Issues Were Created SLAM's Adam Figman talks working with Drake, Karl Anthony-Towns, Amar'e Stoudemire, more

SLAM Magazine Adam Figman

We all love a finished content piece. Whether it’s an article we spent hours writing, a photo gallery it took forever to edit or a video production that seemed like it took weeks to get right, the finished product always bring relief. We hope that the recipients of our finished product love it. Why? Because there’s a slew of happenings that take place behind-the-scenes that even the most imaginative person in the world couldn’t think up.

We recently sat down with SLAM Magazine’s Editor-In-Chief, Adam Figman, as he shared bizarre, behind-the-scenes stories of how some of SLAM’s latest covers actually happened.

Spoiler alert: Hennessy was a part of a recent photo shoot.

The Jersey Hunt in LA

SLAM Magazine's Editor-In-Chief Shares Funny Stories of How Various Cover Issues Were Created

My first cover story as Editor-In-Chief of SLAM Magazine featured Karl Anthony-Towns, which happened during Summer 2016. Karl was everywhere that summer – he was in LA, he was in Minnesota and he spent some time in Seattle – so our back and forth with his agency, on trying to find a date to pin him down for the cover shoot, was tough. We finally got a tentative date to shoot him for the cover two days before the shoot would take place in LA on a Sunday.

Usually when we shoot with players during the season, they have their jerseys with them because, well, they’re in season. But during the summer, it’s a different story, and it was a mistake on our end to assume that he would have his Timberwolves jersey with him. So we reached out to the Timberwolves organization to see if they could ship us a jersey as soon as possible, but they were all out of the office at the time. We went to the NBA Store, but they had nothing. We reached out to adidas; they had nothing. I ended up sending an email to a person that works with the NBA – and a lot of its official partners to provide jerseys and shorts out in LA – in hopes of him possibly having a jersey we could use. I landed in LA that Saturday morning – a day before the shoot – and got an voicemail that read,

“I got your email, saying that you guys are looking for Timberwolves stuff. Give me a call immediately if you want it.”

I called him, and he said, ‘I’m going to the beach with my family this weekend, but if you want I’ll leave the Timberwolves stuff in a bag outside of our office so you can pick it up when you get a chance.’

He then texted me the address and a photo of a garbage bag under a tree that look like it was in the middle of nowhere. I get there, hopped the fence, grab the bag, sling it over my shoulder and once I get back in my rental car, I see a perfect, authentic XXL Karl Towns jersey with shorts and additional workout gear. The next day, I took an iron and steamed everything in the morning, and it was ready to go. Karl could not have been cooler. He gave us four hours to shoot with him that day. He was like, ‘I know what you guys do is art, and I would never rush art.’ For it to be my first shoot as the Editor-In-Chief – being the guy that coordinates the shoot – the actual shoot day could not have been smoother. ย Everything before that day was a crazy whim overall though. – Adam Figman, Editor-In-Chief of SLAM MAGAZINE

SLAM Magazine's Editor-In-Chief Shares Funny Stories of How Various Cover Issues Were CreatedGeorge Kiel

George Kiel

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