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Selfies Are Now Banned from Cannes Film Festival Along with the banning of selfies, Cannes Film Festival has also put an end to morning press screenings

According to Variety, Cannes Film Festival is banning selfies from being taken on the red carpet, as well as putting an end the morning press screenings. Head of Cannes Thierry Fremaux stated in the French trade publication Le Film Francais his reason behind the ban was to boost the prestige and weight of the gala premieres.

Cannes directors in the past have expressed their distaste for selfies on the red carpet in the past since it “tarnishes the quality” of the entire festival. Many people are currently questioning how the ban will truly be enforced once the festival arrives, since taking pictures from a smartphone isn’t forbidden. People on Twitter think this ban is unusual and believe the outcome of this ban won’t end well.

Cannes, the festival notoriously known as a place for harsh critics that either make or break a film, will be celebrating its 71st edition in May.

Since the morning press screenings will no longer be held the day world premieres, members of the press will see the 7 p.m. showings the same time as audiences in the Lumiere theater; however, reporters will instead watch from the Debussy. The idea behind eliminating the morning press screenings is to revamp the attractiveness and gloss to the gala evenings.

Rikki Yanez

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