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Pizza Hut Laces Up Their New “Pie-Top” Ad Campaign No one out-sneakers the Hut.

Move over Nike Air Mag, there is a new smart tech sneaker on the block now.

Pizza Hut has already made ordering pizza as easy as possible with their app, mobile site, social media platforms, and even through Amazon products such as the Echo and Fire TV. Now they are gearing up for their first year of March Madness as the Official Pizza of the NCAA with their limited edition “Pie-Tops”, sneakers that order pizza.

Yes, pizza-ordering sneakers are a thing now.

All one has to do is press the button located on the tongue of the shoe and it’ll connect to the Pie Tops app (not to be confused with the regular Pizza Hut app) that orders pizza. The special-edition sneakers use Bluetooth and geolocation so wearers can “can get their favorite pizzas quickly ordered and delivered, with just the press of a button on the shoe’s tongue.”

According to Adweek, ad agency Droga5 was behind the idea of the sneakers and The Shoe Surgeon brought them to life. Only 64 pairs were made to match the 64 teams in the NCAA Tournament, and most pairs will go to celebrities and influencers in the media to help push the current promotion Pizza Hut is hosting. Apparently, a few pairs will be given out to some lucky and loyal Pizza hut fans.

The sneakers are apart of Pizza Hut’s online ordering promotion throughout the months of March and April for the NCAA’s March Madness tournament. Customers can buy a large $7.99 2-topping pizza, for carry-out or delivery, as long as the pizza is bought online.

So they order pizzas, but can you hoop in them? Former NBA player, Grant Hill, already got his so hopefully we see someone in the tournament bust these out on-court. 

Dezmond Moore

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