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Photographer Captures the “Before and After” of Becoming a Father Tod Oldham worked on this project for 72 hours to capture the first few minutes of fatherhood

One of the most dramatic changes in a man’s life is when he finally becomes a parent. Everything changes from that point on, and photographer Tod Oldham wanted to capture the essence of those first few moments. Over the course of 72 hours, Oldham shot several pictures of soon-to-be dads just before they enter the delivery room, and then an “after” shot as they leave.

Here are a couple shots Oldham was able to capture throughout his 72-hour project.

Hector Adebambo, 32


Toan Lam, 34

Federico Grillo, 34

Tod Oldham really shows how worried and skeptical these potential fathers are, and how happy they are after the fact. Though, Federico still seems a little skeptical.

If you want to look more into Tod Oldham’s work, check out his portfolio. What do you think about this project Oldham constructed? Let us know in the comments below!

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