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Office Space: The Most Prized Possessions in Complex’s Joe La Puma’s Workstation Framed magazine covers, Air Jordan 3s dipped in bronze, more

Office Space: Complex's VP of Content Strategy Joe La Puma's Workspace
Office Space: Complex's VP of Content Strategy Joe La Puma's Workspace Photo Credit: David Cabrera

Our brand new column, Office Space, provides you with a look inside the workstations of some of the most well-known content kings in the media world. From memorabilia to timeless media “junk” – and everything else in between (that can be seen on camera), we all know that workplaces can be filled with valuables that either motivate you to keep grinding day by day, or remind you of your most cherished moments in your career thus far. The perks of content creators include traveling all around the world and/or attending events that the average person would give up everything for just to be a fly on the wall; therefore, their workstations probably contain some of the craziest artifacts known to man.

To kick off our brand new column, we put the spotlight on Joe La Puma, Complex Magazine’s Vice President of Content Strategy. La Puma is a vet in the content creation world, having been at Complex for more than a decade now. He oversees everything editorial at Complex, has more than 20 cover stories under his belt and hosts ‘Sneaker Shopping,’ one of the most watched web series on the Internet that features him inside renowned sneaker shops – alongside A-List celebrities, such as Kevin Hart, Usher, Rick Ross and many others – as they discuss footwear and shop for the hottest gear simultaneously.

Check out some of La Puma’s most prized possessions in his workstation, which includes an Air Jordan 3 dipped in bronze. Huh?


Office Space: Complex's VP of Content Strategy Joe La Puma's WorkspacePhoto Credit: David Cabrera

“This is the corner of my office. When I was in college 50 Cent was the biggest thing going on in music and I’d often to go the bookstore to buy any magazine cover he was on. This to me, is the best cover in hip-hop magazine history. I remember buying this magazine. I later found out that my current boss Noah Callahan-Bever wrote the story on Em, Dre and 50. He knew I loved this issue so much, a few years back he framed it for me for my birthday.” – Joe La Puma, Complex’s VP of Content Strategy

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