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Nikon Wants Your Canine to be the Next Big “Pho-Dog-Rapher” 3D printed camera monitors dog's heartbeat to take

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Just about anyone who has a canine in their lives loves to take pictures of them. But now the tables have turned, and it will be the dog behind the lens with Nikon‘s 3D printed camera case.

The innovative device is connected to a heart-rate monitor, similar to the ones runners use to track their heartbeats. When the monitor notices the heart rate of the dog starts to shoot up, it will alert the camera t0 take a picture. With this camera, Nikon claims that any dog can be a “pho-dog-rapher.”

Test photos came back about as decent as any average human photographer with a trigger-happy finger. But it will be interesting to see the abundance of photos that come from this experimental device, since dogs seem to get excited about just about everything. The storage space of the camera will certainly be put to the test once it’s strapped to your dog!

But who technically owns the rights to the photo once it’s taken and developed? You might remember back in 2011, Naruto the monkey happened to take a snapshot of himself using a wildlife photographer’s camera in the jungles of Indonesia. Just last September, lawyers reached a settlement between PETA and the photographer.

Nikon has yet to make any comments on whether or not they will release the prototype of this camera to the public or not. But after seeing videos from GoPros strapped to dogs, there is sure to be a big enough market for the product. Will you be one to give your precious pooch a brand new camera? Or will you save your money for something that is a little more practical? Let us know in the comments below!

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