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Nike Recruits 18-Year-Old Photographer to Shoot Latest Campaign Young and talented, check out the work by this 18 year old

Nike Recruits 18-Year-Old Photogarapher to Shoot Latest Campaign

If there is one thing we’ve learned about creating content, it’s that there is no age requirement. You are never too young – or too old – to design, create or develop any form of content. The will and desire to be creative has no timetable or boundaries. With the tools available through social media, programming and even our cell phones, it leaves very little room for excuses when it comes to not wanting to create.

Take David Uzochukwu for instance, a self-taught, 18-year-old photographer who has a resume of work that stacks up against the likes of a seasoned veteran in the photography world. Uzochukwu first picked up a camera at 11 or 12, a time in most kids’ lives where they are playing video games or watching cartoons. Instead, the spark to be creative was prevalent for David at a very young age.

Nike Recruits 18-Year-Old Photogarapher to Shoot Latest Campaign

If you browse through David’s Instagram page, which acts as a modern-day portfolio for the artist, you will quickly pick up on why he is becoming so coveted. His distinct ability to capture motion and detail in a way that tells a story is unrivaled. His images tell a story and display emotion all while capturing the subtle beauty of each setting.

Recently, David teamed up with FKA twigs (singer, dancer and director) and created images for Nike that can be seen on billboards all over the world. When asked about the experience, David kept it short and sweet, saying it was “exciting and challenging.” The images for the campaign take models in athletic wear and show them in almost the exact opposite of a traditional athletic setting. Surrounded by vibrant outdoor backdrops, each image delivers a different story.

The urge to create and share his work with the world is something that David Ozochuwku clearly loves; so much so that when asked about his plans for the future he said, “I want to dedicate myself more to my personal work; there are so many things to make.”

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