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Nike Promotes New Shoe with “Shoe Therapy” Commercials Celebrities can finally admit their addiction to the Nike Vaporfly 4% openly and honestly.

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Nike has recently re-released a retro ad campaign titled “It’s gotta be the shoes” with its series of “Shoe Therapy” commercials to promote the Nike Vaporfly 4%. The commercial draws it’s inspiration from the popular commercials featuring Spike Lee as Mars Blackmon and Michael Jordan himself promoting Nike Air Jordan’s during the 90’s.

The series of commercials features many famous faces of celebrities who love their shoes.  The first commercial featured above, shows Boston Marathon winner Shalane Flanagan as she sits in therapy with Dr. Dana Sole and discusses her obsession with her Vaporfly 4%. Other familiar faces include Draymond Green, who holds a pair like a baby in a carrier, Richard Sherman wrapping his shoes in bubble wrap and carrying a load on his back, Paul Rodriguez cleaning his shoes with a tooth brush, and Sean Wotherspoon carrying several pairs with him. Each celebrity can all be seen throughout the commercial because they too have an obsession with their sneakers.

Several other videos have been released that feature other Nike Athletes, and although not as long as the original, each focuses on an individual athlete and what makes them so obsessed with their shoes. Those can be seen here via SoleCollector.

Although this ad has been done in the past, where does this relaunching of the Nike ad campaign rank compared to other ads? Share your thoughts with us below in our comment section.

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