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Nike and the NBA Launch Connected Jerseys to Get Fans Closer to the Game Paired with the NikeConnect+ app, the smart wearables give fans access to stats, highlights and even Spotify playlists

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Since its partnership with the NBA back in June of 2015, Nike has released some amazing products and new features for fans like the NBA “Statement” jerseys, team exclusive warm-up jackets, and new on-court sock just to name a few. Nike continues to push the envelope to help consumers get as close as possible to their favorite teams and players, and keeping in step with that, they’ve created the NikeConnect app.

The app provides fans an exciting new way to experience real-time, personalized experiences activated through a sensor located on the tag of any Nike jersey. All you need is a jersey, a smartphone, and the app to get started. What follows can only be described as amazing.

Once a fan purchases a jersey, they can use their smartphone to tap the shirt’s outer tag, which has an embedded NFC chip hidden behind it. This will automatically open the NikeConnect app, leading the user to sign into their Nike+ account. Once activated, the user will automatically enter the “team” tab of the app and get a plethora of features such as pre-game countdown to tip-off, stats and highlights, in-game scoring and post-game information.

Underneath the “team” feed is a section for information like performance and highlights, recaps, and even GIFs that relate to a particular jersey’s player and team. This content can also be shared with friends and through social media. Other features on the app include special offers that can be used for future game-day events, NBA 2k18 and even Spotify playlists. More information can be seen on to get a better scoop.

Nike thrives on being atop the sports market and this marks a historical event not only in basketball, but throughout technology, and experiences like this open the door to “smart” apparel. This feature, along with the jerseys, can be purchased via and and launches on both iOS and Android on September 29th, just in time for the NBA season to begin around mid-October.

What do you think of the new technology? Is it a fad, or will it be the beginning of new interactions between fans, players and teams? Let us know in the comments below.

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