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A New Twitter-Style App is Looking to Make a Big Impact Mastodon is setting out to capitalize on recent Twitter updates.

When the social media app, Twitter, switched up a few of their features recently, not everyone was on board with the change. Like most “change,” it took a few days for people to get past it and accept the new ways, but one guy was not so quick accept these new features; so much so, that he decided to create his own version of the app to satisfy his dislikes with the recent updates.

Eugen Rochko was so dissatisfied with the functions of the app that he began building a Twitter-esque app from the ground up. Calling it Mastodon, this new app is an open-sourced version of Twitter that allows users to have a similar experience while giving you options the aforementioned app does not. With the ability to make posts that are 500 characters in length – and options to keep individual posts private – Mastodon is already separating itself from Twitter all while keeping the general theme intact.

With the ability to build and create apps at such an alarming rate, the longevity of apps, like Twitter, is almost astonishing. Having the foundation, users and ability to adapt, keeps these apps in the forefront of social media. But do apps like Mastodon pose a threat to the bigger platforms?


Source: The Verge


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