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New Instagram Feature Makes Browsing Safer Instagram set to roll out a blurred image feature that will help make the app more user friendly

Since its debut in the app world six years ago, Instagram has been the spot for people to showcase their photo-editing skills – or at least try to. While there were never really any boundaries for what could and couldn’t be posted, Instagram did have to ability to remove, suspend and even terminate accounts that posted images with inappropriate content. However with a new update coming, the folks over at Instagram are hoping to make things a little more safe for people browsing the app.

Instagram will soon begin to blur out posts that contain what they consider “sensitive” material. Once an image is reported to Instagram’s team, it will then appear on the app blurred out with a statement above the picture, explaining that the particular image contains content that some may find offensive.  Now what fits in the lines as “sensitive,” one may ask?

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In emails to The Verge, IG said this:

Primarily we’ll focus on posts that depict violence. Examples include animal rights groups that share content to expose animal-testing conditions or animal abuse, or content that raises awareness of humanitarian crises around the world (famine, impact of war on local communities).

As the app makes moves like this to make a safer, more user-friendly space for people, it will continue to monitor and adjust the content that fits into the blurred image section.


Source: Verge

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