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Meet Yu-Ming Wu, the Busiest Man in the Digital Media World of Sneakers The 'Sneaker' businessman describes a day in his life + provides social media tips on engaging your audience

Meet Yu-Ming Wu, the Busiest Man in the Digital Media World of Sneakers

George Kiel: Without giving away all of your secrets, how do you balance and implement different social media strategies within your various businesses?  

Yu-Ming Wu: The main strategy is really understanding your audience. Social media managers go wrong when they post things that they themselves like. The #1 rule is: It is not about what you like. No one cares about what you like. You are one person. Yes, you can put your taste level on a certain project, but it’s seriously not about what you like. A lot of times, us as social media managers force feed what we like down our consumers’ throats. There are times when you have to force feed them – especially when relaying info – but with our social media platforms, we’re simple. We feed our audience what they want and sometimes throw something else in there to see if it peaks their interest.

Kiel: There’s certain type of content that you have to post even though your audience may not like it. How do you walk that thin line of relaying that type of info without force feeding your audience?

Wu: It’s a big challenge, but you always have to ask yourself, ‘Are we posting it in the right platform?’ Take Sneaker Con for example – it’s a business that we rely on our social media accounts as a means of growth. So if we post info regarding an upcoming event, they might not ‘Like’ it but if it reached a big audience and they come to Sneaker Con then that post did its job. But for the most part, we’re extremely selective about the things we know people don’t like, especially with Instagram.

Kiel: What’s your advice on thoroughly knowing your audience as well as you know yours?

Wu: We really listen to our followers and customers. You can learn a lot from the photos that are ‘Liked’ the most on your Instagram, and you can learn a lot from the type of comments that are posted on certain photos. You have to pay attention to the trends of your followers.

Meet Yu-Ming Wu, the Busiest Man in the Digital Media World of Sneakers

Kiel: What’s your advice on combatting the Instagram algorithm that everyone seems to dislike?

Wu: The new algorithm is an issue for everyone, but if they were doing it right from the beginning they shouldn’t really be affected. If all of a sudden your audience starts walking away and not being as active, they are not doing something right. They might be posting the wrong stuff. If I’m a pizza account and I’ve been posting pizza pictures for a long time and all of a sudden change to posting taco pics, then you run the risk of your audience leaving. My advice is go with the flow until they don’t like it anymore. Also, check out other accounts and see what they’re doing. They’re might be another pizza account out there that has better images, or they implement videos, or they might be more engaging. Take inspiration from others, apply to your own strategy but without copying.

Meet Yu-Ming Wu, the Busiest Man in the Digital Media World of Sneakers

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