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Mashable Offers A New Program Aimed at Growing your Instagram Presence Learn how you can grow your social media engagement

With over 800 million active users, Instagram is one of the most popular social media networks out there. For years, it has remained a platform consistently growing with niche communities and networking opportunities.

For brands and companies, Instagram is the go-to platform for visual communication. Let’s face it: everyone today has a short attention span. In a world where no one wants to read about why they should buy or be involved with something, photos and videos are the most appealing way to grab attention while relaying a message back to your audience.

And now, Mashable is now offering a Marketing Crash Course for Entrepreneurs, focused on how brands and businesses can grow their reach from the ground up through Instagram analytics and marketing tips.

A $195 program, Mashable is currently providing it for a limited time at $9. The program includes 23 lectures and two hours of content, available 24/7. If you are looking to grow your social media presence while gaining loyal followers, this may be the program for you.

Because Coiski is always try to be transparent and helpful to fellow content creators, we love to highlight Instagram accounts that do a good job at relaying an engaging message to its respected audiences. Check out the brands below to see how you might be able to grow awareness and social presence as well.


Gucci is one of the leading companies in high fashion, always giving their audience ghatti and loud pieces of clothing. It’s a very creative Instagram page, showing lookbooks at potential outfits. The company never throws anything in your face or persuades you to buy a product. When you look at some of these pictures, its almost as you’re walking through an art gallery. It’s subtle advertising with strong artistic presence.

The Verge

One of the leaders in tech journalism, The Verge’s Instagram presence is one of companies strong points in marketing. With The Verge, you get all the latest news in tech in addition to crafty photos and videos that show how new products work. The company does a great job of giving you a brief overview and practicality of a product, and you can always expect honest reviews.

Premier League

If you’re a big soccer fan, you probably follow the English Premier League, one of the biggest soccer leagues in the world. The league’s Instagram page is a great way to keep up with match fixtures, injuries, transfers and on the spot reporting. For someone who lives in The United States, it can be difficult to watch games with such a big time difference. This is a great way to keep up with your favorite teams with great photos, videos and news around the league. The league’s teams are covered pretty evenly throughout the board, so you aren’t getting biased reporting here.

What are some of your favorite Instagram accounts, and why? Let us know in the comments below!

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