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A Look at Warner Brothers’ Creative Twitter Approach to Promote the ‘Justice League’ Trailer A nice and effective Twitter approach

A Look at Warner Brothers' Creative Twitter Approach to Promote the 'Justice League' Trailer

If you’ve been on social media the past two days, you’ve probably seen one or two posters or videos of a few members from the upcoming movie, Justice League.

With the Justice League trailer premiering this past Saturday, Warner Bros. decided to use social media in  a creative way to give fans early teasers of the trailer, featuring some of the key members, like AquaMan, Batman, The Flash and Wonder Woman.

Warner Bros. started off by having their Justice League twitter account drop a brand new poster for the movie with the hashtag #UniteTheLeague.

After the poster dropped Thursday, Warner Bros. followed up by posting teaser videos for Aquaman, Batman, The Flash, Wonder Woman and Cyborg,  as well as the posters for each character. The stars of the movie also helped promote the film by posting their individual posters on their personal twitters, while also using the hashtag. Having the celebs of the movies promoting the teaser really helped spread the word, and create trending topics for all the superheroes. The awesome thing about this is that they didn’t have to pay for ad space or pay to place it as a promoted tweet. They generated enough buzz naturally.

You can check out the videos below:


What do you think about the way Warner Bros. is promoting this movie? Do you think other movies should try to follow this strategy?


Full Trailer:

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