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Kobe Bryant Launches New “Detail” Show in Partnership with ESPN Bryant will write, host and produce the show throughout the course of the NBA playoffs and Finals

Since retiring from basketball in 2016, fans have not seen much of Kobe Bryant, except for a few commercials here and there for Nike. Now, fans can get much more of him as he and ESPN have partnered up to create a show featuring the six-time NBA champion, titled “Detail.”

The show’s premise, which launched Thursday, will allow Bryant to analyze game film throughout the course of the NBA playoffs and Finals. This new comes with the new streaming services from ESPN+ that was recently launched by Disney.

Breaking down film is an obsession of Bryant’s that developed at a young age as he watched his father play professionally in Italy. That ability grew with him throughout high school and helped him during his tenured career in the NBA. So this show will allow him to continue sharing his passion for basketball.

Bryant is credited as the writer and host of the show, which is scheduled to launch 15 episodes of basketball analysis, seven of which are planned for the NBA Finals. With ESPN and Disney rolling out this new streaming service, it hopes to use Bryant as an attraction with a $4.99 price point. Check out some of the fan reaction below:

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