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Jon Stewart Joins ESPN as SportsCenter Host The former Comedy Central host will be taking his talents to ESPN for The Warrior Games

Actor, writer, producer and television personality Jon Stewart is set to be back in front of the camera again, but this time the former host of Comedy Central’s “The Daily Show” won’t be talking politics. Rather, he will be co-hosting the 7pm SportsCenter on ESPN with anchor Hannah Storm.

But this isn’t just a regular SportsCenter telecast from ESPN studios. This edition of the show will take place at The Warrior Games in Chicago. The Warrior Games are a Paralympics-style event featuring multiple sports for injured, wounded or ill military service personnel and veterans.

With the games set to conclude Saturday, Stewart will not only be hosting but will also be conducting interviews with participants as well as handle the emcee duties for the opening ceremony. A longtime supporter of the Warrior Games, it seemed fitting for Stewart to hop on board as an anchor for the event.

When asked in an interview with ABC what the games meant and their effect on participants, Stewart said, “When you come back, and you’re not with your unit anymore, it’s isolating to begin with. When you come back with an injury, it’s even more isolating. The adaptive sports and the Warrior Games can almost bring them back to remember who they are and what they can do.”

Capping off the coverage, Stewart will conduct a live interview from the games during the 11pm SportsCenter on July 7. His constant advocacy over the years for veterans and co-hosting with Strom made this hosting gig a perfect fit for the former host.


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