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John Cena Becomes First Meme of 34th Annual Wrestlemania Not only did he act like a super-fan, but he ran like Superman to take out the Undertaker

This past Sunday WWE held its 34th annual Wrestlemania, the company’s premier event, on pay-per-view. And in true John Cena fashion, the face of the company had an interesting angle leading up to the bout where he was supposed to play a fan in the stands due to the character, The Undertaker, not accepting his Wrestlemania challenge.

As the show started, Cena was playing the part of super-fan, sitting with other wrestling enthusiasts.

As the show rolled on, a referee could be seen running down to the ring into the pool of fans to where Cena was sitting, and through the audio, fans at home could hear “he’s here.” Cena then sprung out of his chair and sprinted up the ramp into the back of the stage in search of his foe, generating the first meme of Wrestlemania.

It didn’t take long for the fans and social media users to add to the action as they created some hilarious reactions to Cena’s acting. Check out a few of them below:


Of course Wrestlemania was just recent, so expect more memes of Cena to pop up within the coming days. You can check out the most recent memes of Cena via Twitter.

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