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JAY-Z’s Music Video For 4:44 Hits All the Feels The video includes viral pop culture videos, police brutality, and a strong message for our world

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Let’s talk about the genius JAY-Z and the way he marketed his newest album 4:44. At first, it was released exclusively to those who had Tidal before a certain date and a Sprint carrier. Many fans were frustrated when they couldn’t access the album, even when they signed up for Tidal, because they signed up too late. A week later, the album was released by Apple Music/iTunes, Amazon Music, and Google Play Music.

Now JAY-Z has released a music video for the song 4:44 from the album 4:44, and it is a masterpiece.

The story starts off with a young boy recording himself singing gracefully at the perfect pitch. From that point, there are various snippets of videos from different time periods in African American culture and a woman and man dancing to the original song. Although the music video as a whole is open to interpretation, the audience can definitely agree there is a meaning within the story.

The sequence of the snippets are interesting in the way they shift, moving from an entertaining viral video to police brutality against African Americans, then to a violent fight, and once again jumping back to the original song. The song ends with a more graceful tone as JAY-Z is shown performing with his wife Beyonce and Blue Ivy’s playful B-Roll footage. With only 13 hours on YouTube many commenters are trying to depict the true meaning of the video.

JAY-Z’s creation proves to the world there are more than one way to tell a video story. When creating content, it’s important to be different, stand out, and be true to yourself.

With all the social media attention, what do you think is the true meaning behind the music video for 4:44?

Felipe Partida

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