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Introducing Microsoft’s Surface Book 2 The sequel to your favorite 2-in-1 laptop is here

The recently announced Surface Book 2 is Windows’ strongest laptop ever, and it might be the best choice for your next content creating needs. With a refreshing update to the first model (and the refresh that came out last year), this new device includes a stronger hinge, a larger size, and it’s full of power. With all its new features and fixes, some are even considering it a true competitor to Apple’s Macbook Pro.

Microsoft has developed some pretty sleek laptops in the past, and the design of the new Surface Book 2 is right in step with previous models in its smooth metal shell. It doubles as a tablet with the simple press of a keyboard button, and users can flip around the display and plug it back into the base with ease.

One of the biggest improvements to the Surface Book is its revamped fulcrum hinge. The major issue with the previous models was the screen moving while typing. While this wasn’t much of a problem on a flat surface, it made for an unstable display when on a user’s lap. The screen is now sturdier and doesn’t move around, even when lifted up.

Attaching and removing the display from its keyboard is overall smoother as well, thanks to better connectors. The hinge, however, still adds a rounded bump to the Surface’s profile. That rounded edge doesn’t get in the way or cause any problems, but if you’re into sleeker laptops this may not be the most aesthetic you’re looking for.

The 15-inch Surface Book 2 weighs slightly more than a Macbook Pro, including the keyboard. But the tablet hybrid’s powerful new graphics card – the NVIDIA’s GTX 1060 GP on the larger model – will definitely make any additional weight worth it. It’s much more capable than that of the Macbook Pro’s Radeon 555/560 GPUs.

The smaller model of the Surface Book 2 will weigh in at 3.38 to 3.68 pounds, depending on the type of graphics on board. Although the 13-inch Macbook Pro does weighs a mere 3 pounds, Microsoft still comes out on top due to its advanced graphics technology.

Both models of the Surface Book 2 offer beautiful displays. The 13.5-inch features a 3000 x 2000-pixel display, and the 15-inch model features a 3240 x 2160-pixel display. While they aren’t quite 4K, they still look very sharp, which is something Microsoft has been improving over time.

Of course with the release of a new Surface device, Microsoft has pushed out the new Surface Pen as well. The original pen debuted with the original Surface laptop and will work just as well with the new devices. Microsoft has been improving on this as well, and many users feel that writing on the Surface feels almost like writing with a pen on paper.

With Intel’s new eighth-generation CPUs and improved graphics, both models of the Surface Book 2 handled just about everything thrown their way. These laptops are definitely powerful and user friendly for even the most demanding users.

Microsoft still hasn’t released details about pricing, but we can expect that the 13-inch Core i5 model will start at $1,499, and the 15-inch model will start at $2,499. That being said, you can expect to dish out more for the Core i7 model with a dedicated GPU.

With all these new updates, the Surface Pros could be perfect for your next digital masterpiece. What’s your take on the new Surface Book 2? If you’re an Apple user, do you think you’d make the switch? Let us know in the comments down below!

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