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Interview: Jamie Broadnax Shares The Story Of the ‘Black Girl Nerds’ Online Community How one night of boredom turned into a massive online community

Black Girl Nerds

Black Girl Nerds

Here at coiski, we’re using February, Black History Month, to put the spotlight on prominent African American content creators in media through a couple of ways – our #BHM4BHM (Black Hands in Media for Black History Month) campaign on Twitter is currently highlighting one African American content creator – living or dead – each day and today, is the second installment of our 4-part interview series of African American content creators who are doing amazing work in all forms of media.

Today, we sit down with Jamie Broadnax, the creator of, to discuss the story behind her blogging brainchild, her blog’s immense (and constantly growing) following, and what she envisions for the future of the BlackGirlNerds website.

Dez Moore: What caused you to get into blogging?

Jamie Broadnax: I kind of fell into it out of boredom. I used to work at a student loan company, and a fellow co-worker and friend got together with me and we started writing about movies together after reading blogs all day at our job.

Moore: In 2012, the Black Girl Nerds blog started. What exactly made you come up with the idea and name for the BGN blog?

Broadnax: I noticed geek culture becoming super popular on the Internet and TV, and I wanted to know if there were any spaces on the web for black women like me in this subculture. I googled Black Girl Nerds and nothing came up. So when nothing came up in the search engine, I decide to create a blog with that title.

Black Girl Nerds

Moore: With over 138,000 followers online – 103,000 of them on Twitter – how did you develop such a large and strong following with BGN? 

Broadnax: I’m on Twitter daily. I engage a great deal with followers. I rant and rave and I also live tweet several TV shows. Having a strong presence on Twitter is what lead to BGN having over 100K followers within the last 5 years.

Moore: With your followers growing by the minute, how do you maintain the online community you’ve grown?

Broadnax: Daily engagement. Talking and interacting with people who follow you is important.

Moore: How do you alter or continue your social media strategy knowing that your following continues to grow massively.

Broadnax: I don’t have a strategy. I really just like being online and talking to people on the Internet. It’s really that simple.

Dezmond Moore

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