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Instagram Now Lets Your Followers Know When You’re Active Many people aren't too pleased with the new Instagram update that lets users view who is active on the app

Just recently, Instagram has added new features such as Type Mode for Stories that allows users choose between multiple new fonts over different color backgrounds. Another update on the ‘gram is recommended photos on your feed from accounts that you might like. However, along with Instagram adding new features and updates, users can now view when someone was last active on the app.

If you have received direct messages in Instagram, you can see under each follower’s name when they were last active and vice/versa. Since Instagram was created, it never disclosed when users were active, and the only way to find out user activity was by going to your Likes tab and switching from ‘You’ to ‘Following.’ Many people aren’t too pleased with this new update since they feel as if they are being exposed, especially if they have been putting off responding to their direct messages.

Luckily, for those users who aren’t pleased with the update there is a way to disable the feature. On your profile, select the settings gear adjacent to the ‘Edit Profile’ tab. By selecting this, you can scroll towards the bottom and disable the ‘Show Activity Status,’ button.

Rikki Yanez

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