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Instagram announces long-form video app, IGTV Will Instagram knock off YouTube as the king of video content?

After successfully destroying Vine and Periscope and with Snapchat down for the count, Instagram has turned their sights on new competition, YouTube.

Earlier today, the company announced IGTV, a long-form vertical video platform. IGTV is a standalone app that will also be accessible within the Instagram app similar to Facebook and Facebook Messenger. IGTV is expected to be available on Android and iOS by Thursday, June 21.

So how does IGTV work?

On the creation side, IGTV will let anyone create and post video content, with larger accounts able to post up to an hour in length. For smaller and newer accounts, Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom says over the course of time, “the company expects to let all users post videos of unlimited length.” IGTV creators can expect monetization options, potentially including ad revenue shares, once IGTV establishes a revenue-sharing deal with partners.

For those that simply want to consume content, the moment you log into IGTV, content will begin playing from users you follow with personalized recommendations of other channels. Viewers will be able to swipe up to search channels or swipe through to watch the channels they follow, as well as subscribe to and share. Currently, the app does not carry ads, but you can expect that to change with Systrom saying ads are, “a reasonable place to end up.”

Will IGTV affect YouTube to the degree it did with Vine, Periscope, and Snapchat? Probably not, however, IGTV has the opportunity to establish itself as must-watch media on the mobile screen. And to think, this all started by filtering our photos.

Check out this video from Josh Constine for a look at IGTV and let us know what you think about the new video platform.

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