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Instagram Adds Photo and Video Replies to Instagram Stories It's getting hard to keep up with these Instagram updates.

It seems as if every week Instagram updates and adds new features to the app. Today, the photo-sharing app announced a new option for users, both iOS and Android, to reply to Stories with.

Now, instead of just text, users can reply with a photo, video, or Boomerang with all of the creative tools included such as filters, stickers, and rewind.

After updating the app and while watching a story, users will see a camera icon in the bottom left of the screen. This button allows the user to create a reply with a new photo or video or a photo or video taken within the last 24 hours. Additionally, when replying to a story a photo still of the story a user is replying to will appear at the top of the screen and the user can treat it just like a sticker repositioning and changing the size of it.

Replies will be found in the Direct messages just like a text response and will also send notifications if screenshotted just like any other disappearing content.

This doesn’t seem like a major update for Instagram, but the use of photos and videos will help boost the overall conversational engagement with Instagram Stories. Not like they need any help with over 200 million users using Stories daily.

Poor Snapchat. 🙁

Dezmond Moore

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