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iCollect: Jared Cunningham’s Insane Nike LeBron Collection, Pt. 1 – Video One of the illest Nike LeBron collections you'll ever see.

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Jared Cunningham is the sneakerhead-turned-professional basketball player you don’t know about. Having played limited minutes for a multitude of teams, such as the Dallas Mavericks, Atlanta Hawks, Cleveland Cavaliers and now overseas, Cunningham has flown under the radar throughout his ever-evolving career. If ever given consistent playing time, one would see how much fun he has with on-court footwear, much like the Nick Youngs and PJ Tuckers of the on-court world.

During the 2016 NBA preseason – while playing with the Cavs – Cunningham thoroughly impressed LeBron James by wearing a unique mix of vintage and new NIKE LeBrons, switching shoes game by game and sometimes at halftime of other games.

“My collection is unlike anyone’s you’ve ever featured because I didn’t grow up on Jordans; I grew up on LeBrons,” Cunningham mentioned to our EIC, George Kiel. “I still have a ton of both, but I cherish my LeBrons more than anything.”

As the first entry of our brand new “iCollect” video series – in which we which provide you with a look inside the unique collections (all types of collections – art, sneakers, cars, vinyls, etc) of celebrities, personalities and overall collectors, Jared Cunningham invited us to his home to get an exclusive, in-depth look inside his sneaker-filled room. Check out Part I below to see George Kiel chop it up with Cunningham and run through his favorites.

About the “iCollect” series: Most celebrities, personalities and overall collectors have a stash that’s unique to them, so, here at coiski, we’re providing you with an exclusive, in-depth look inside those collections, whether it be sneakers, art, vinyls, cars, etc. Sit back, relax and get ready to be floored by awesome collections of all things.

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