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iCollect: Australia’s Michael Fan Shows Off One of the Most Insane Sneaker Collections Ever Seen – Video Who knew there was so much sneaker heat Down Under?

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Yes, mate. We found one of the craziest sneaker collections in…Australia.

Recently, we trekked to Melbourne, Australia (18 hours in the air, eek) to link up with Michael Fan, a sneaker enthusiast who owns, what might be, one of the rarest collections in the world. From a ton of game-worn Michael Jordan sneakers to whole player exclusive sets of Ray Allen and Mike Bibby, Fan has amassed some gems unlike any others we’ve seen. Your jaw will drop after viewing Fan unveil most of his collection to George Kiel in the video above.

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  • Outdoor hockey just hits different. 🥶🏒
(📸: @mblinch)
  • All-Star Weekend jerseys are here! 🔵⭐️🔴 Blue and red: All-Star Game 
Green and pink: Celebrity Game
Purple and orange: Rising Stars
Brown and yellow: Nike/NBA Cares Special Olympics Unified Basketball Game
  • We’re visiting a new sneaker shop this week! 👀 #OpenTheBox —————————————————————
Check out every “Open The Box” episode you’ve might have missed at the LINK IN BIO. It’s a MUST-WATCH for sneakerheads. 👟
  • This might be most beautiful ballpark I’ve ever seen 😍 (📸: @nelsonaerials)
  • PULL. 🤯🎯⚾️
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The term pigskin comes from when footballs were originally inflated with the bladders of pigs. 🤢🐷

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