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How the WEIGHT ROOMS of UNC, the LAKERS and Others are Made | Sports Dissected #physicallycultured

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The one common thread we’ve observed that the most successful companies share is their culture, and SORINEX is leading the pack. In short, they are responsible for building weight rooms for the top collegiate and professional sports teams in the world, from the New England Patriots to Duke Basketball. On this episode of Sports Dissected, we take a deep dive into their rich culture, learn how things are made, and help with an installation at UNC-Chapel Hill. Watch with caution because you’ll never see weight rooms the same.

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Norris Groves Jr.

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Trae Young hits his pregame three from the bench timed perfectly with the Migos ad-lib 👌 (via @foxsportssouth)
  • Who do you want to win the Heisman and who do you think deserves to win the Heisman? 🤔🤔
  • Imagine parachuting into The Big House. 😳
  • Mixed reality during the Ravens game. This is WILD! 🤯 (via @ravens)
  • Tfw you break the NFL single-season rushing yards record for a QB. (via @paniniamerica)

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