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Google’s Primer App offers quick, free businesses mini-marketing lessons Google Primer teaches marketing concepts in 5 minute or less

Today, no business or brand can survive without strong marketing skills. But learning the how-to’s can be tricky and time-consuming.

Thankfully, Google has created an app called Primer to help teach you quick, free digital marketing lessons tailored to help you grow and stay ahead of the game. With topics such as “Find Your Target Audience” and “Measure the Power of Your Social Media and Content”, lessons are highly relevant and easily digestible. They can even be viewed offline, so you can still learn while waiting in line at the supermarket or on the way to work.

Here at Coiski we have been implementing the “Blog Your Way to Better Business” lesson. As content creators, we know coming up with a blog can sometimes be tricky. But as you can see from the screen shots below, it’s simple to implement some Primer tips into your everyday strategy.

Users can save their progress as they go through the modules, allowing them to can come and go as they please. And the text tutorials are large, simple and clean, so it doesn’t seem heavy. Plus, they’re “jargon-free,” so concepts are understandable, no matter what level you are.

Google Primer is free for download on iTunes and Google Play. How will your company take advantage of Google Primer?

Felipe Partida

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