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Google Lens Now Featured on iOS for Google Photos Now that it's released on Apple devices, more useres will have access to the powerful tool

Google has been busy developing and updating some of the innovative apps in the market today. From its new Arts & Culture app that gives users the ability to take a selfie and compare it to historic art, to a new layout for Google Maps, the tech company is making great strides for its users. But the next big move for content creation might be its new update to Google Lens.

Google Lens was introduced at last year’s Google I/O developer conference when it was featured on the Pixel and Pixel 2. But now that it’s released on iOS platforms, Apple users will have access to the powerful tool in coming weeks.

Google Lens is to photos what Google Arts & Culture is to art: an extension of search, and its function is uniquely simple. Google Lens analyzes any image that you have taken and provides search results based on the photo and its contents. So, if you take a picture of an item such as a business card, book, landmark, art, or plant or animal, Lens analyzes the photo and, a few seconds later, returns with search-related content on that item.

This feature will make information much more convenient for users and continue to connect them in ways we thought not possible.  Check out a few of the Google Lens features below.


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