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Google Jumps into Photography with New App Selfissimo Taking a high quality selfie just got a whole lot easier

Google has been hard at work creating some great tools and software for photographers and amateurs alike. In its latest release, the tech giant has rolled out three experimental photography apps in early December, all focusing on fully functional in-app software in hopes to change the way users take and shoot photos and video.

One of these new apps is Selfissimo, which works like an automated photo booth, taking black and white selfies of its canvas while responding to movement.

The premise is simple: Once the app is open, Google’s “experimental technology” begins to work. Every time a subject strikes a new pose, the app will take a new picture. Simply touch on the screen when you are done, and Selfissimo will direct you to a page full of those selfies. From there you can download the images to your camera roll or share on your social media of choice.

After a month with Selfissimo, it has become my go-to app of choice for snapping a selfie. The black and white filter blows Apple, Snapchat and Instagram stock filters out the water, adding more contrast within the pallette.

Selfissimo’s depth effect also adds a touch of professionalism and pop to your selfies. The app does minor face cleansing, ridding the canvas of minor blemishes while smoothing out the skin. Unlike Snapchat’s similar filter, this face cleanser is rather faint. So, if you are a fan of natural looking selfies, this will be more subtle.

In all, Selfissisimo is a great, free application with promise to develop into something more mainstream in time. We all know that selfies, in general, can be rather difficult to take. Positioning your device, while maintaining your thumb on the shutter is a challenge in and of itself. But Selfissimo helps alleviate some of those issues with a camera shutter that reacts on movement, making the overall experience easier.

Although the app only snaps photos in black and white, I actually have grown to like this the more I use it. The depth effect, contrasting pallet and face smoother ultimately compliment each other in a way that is made for black and white photography.

The app has become my daily driver for taking selfies, and I hope Google will continue to innovate in the realm of innovative photography.

Exsar Arguello

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